Police forces across Australia depend on the BMW boxer-engined R 1150 RT-P for ceremonial, patrol, and escort duties.

Seven out of eight state and territory authorities have switched to BMW power in recent years for their two-wheeled transport, a tribute to the durability, comfort, safety and performance delivered by the BMW boxer engine.

Now BMW Motorrad Australia is able to reveal the latest generation Authority machine: the R 1200 RT Authority.

Just landed in Australia, the R 1200 RT Authority comes fully-equipped for duty with lights, sirens, pannier, crash bars and wiring for radio sets.

It is powered by the 81 kW 1,200 cc engine fitted to the regular R 1200 RT which provides top-of-the-line acceleration and supreme handling in all conditions.

The BMW R 1200 RT has been adapted to the needs of the security forces and fittings have been developed with practical applications in mind.

With its excellent riding properties, superior ride comfort and a generously designed body for highly effective wind and weather protection, the new R 1200 RT Authority provides an excellent basis for supporting the police.

Three Police Forces across Australia have just taken delivery of their first R 1200 RT machines, following the German Federal Border Guards who are already using these machines in their work, in some cases having to withstand extreme conditions of use.

The 2006 machine features a large fuel tank with a capacity of 27 litres for greater range between refuelling.

The short-ratio first gear – adopted from the civilian version and shorter in ratio than the predecessor model – ensures smooth running and riding response, and also easily allows riding at walking pace for escort purposes.

A specially adapted suspension strut is installed to withstand additional wear and tear.

In addition to the special equipment already offered for the R 1200 RT - such as heated grips, seat heating and an anti-theft warning system - the Authority version boasts several specially-designed features:

  • The panniers have upper lids which can be opened without a key and with one hand when seated.
  • A new Authority speedometer with high display accuracy has two digital displays, enabling current speed to be displayed on one of the instruments at the push of a button.
  • Particular attention has been paid to the tone sequence system. In order to optimise the warning effect, volume has been increased significantly.
  • The special feature “Light deactivation” is only available for authorities’ use.

BMW Motorrad has been providing machines for Authority use since its earliest days.

The first Authority machine was an R 24 with 12 bhp, sold in 1928. Since the transfer of production from Munich to Berlin in 1969, over 100,000 Authority motorcycles have been supplied in 146 countries.

From the outset, the biggest users by country have been France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain. The RT concept has a key share in this success, accounting for about 65 per cent of models offered.

The Authority motorcycles are developed by BMW Motorrad. The company is the only manufacturer to offer these specialised vehicles completely assembled directly from the Berlin plant.

This requires a very high degree of flexibility in the assembly of the diverse special features.

Finally, there is a range of rider equipment adapted to Authority needs, including helmets, gloves, suits and communication systems.

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